24 GHz unlicensed
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24 GHz

24 GHz

24 GHz

Cost Effective IP Radio  
40 and 160 Mbps (half duplex)  
Operates in an Interference Free Unlicensed Band
“Plug and Play” Ethernet Interface  
A “Snap” to Install, Turn Up and Maintain  

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No Need to Lay Cable!
SnapLink™ provides a secure, interference free, high speed, focused beam point to point link up to 5 miles. The SnapLink™ product family of IP Radios is easy to install and turn up for data, VoIP and video transport. It uses standard 802.3 Ethernet Protocol interfaces to provide 40 to 160 Mbps (Half Duplex) of clear digital IP transport. Because the SnapLink™ radio operates in the unlicensed 24 GHz band, there is no need for frequency coordination or interface with the FCC.

SnapLink™ Radios are ideal for IP backhaul, internet network extensions and local by-pass. These cost effective radios are made for corporate, private and government network operators interested in clear wireless data.

SnapLink Product Family

SnapLink Core: 40 Mbps (half duplex) of customer data up to 5 miles  
SnapLink Blast: 160 Mbps (half duplex) of customer data up to 2.5 miles  

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