24 GHz unlicensed
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24 GHz

24 GHz

24 GHz

About ShieldTech Systems - Makers of SnapLink Radio

The SnapLink ™ Family of Point-to-Point Wireless data link.

ShieldTech is based in Annapolis Maryland (just south of Baltimore). We’re a privately held company focused on millimeter wave wireless communication. Our founders are a mix of specialty engineer designers with more than 25 years experience in millimeter-wave and several former “Big-System” product management and network operations people. Since 2005 or so, we’d all been thinking about what the dramatic increase in Wireless data meant and were looking for solutions that could offer clean frequencies that most end-users could afford and operate.

Steve Ward is Founder and CEO of ShieldTech Systems LLC a product development and manufacturing company focused on high speed wireless solutions for corporate and Government users. He has nearly 30 years of telecommunications experience via commercial industry and military service. His corporate experience has sent him around the world as an Executive and General Manger with Nortel and Hughes Systems including “in country” assignments in Singapore, Germany and Brazil. Steve has run divisions of multiple international Joint Ventures include Nortel-DASA in Germany, Hughes-Olivetti Telecommunications in Europe and Hughes – Telebrás (Brazil). Prior to ShieldTech Systems, Steve was EVP of Telaxis and President of Hughes Network International. He is a former Army Ranger and helicopter pilot. Steve holds a BS in Engineering from the United States Military Academy, West Point , NY and an MBA from Boston University.

Roy Koelbl is President of ShieldTech Systems. Roy is also the founder of IntAlliance Partners and former founder and owner of Strategic Telecommunication Projects International (STPI), LLC, an executive level consulting company providing services in technology, corporate and product positioning, business development, and financing. Mr. Koelbl previously served as an executive and officer of Siemens-Optisphere and Teleglobe. At Siemens, he was the Senior Vice President and CTO for worldwide optical networking. At Teleglobe, he was the Vice President of Worldwide Network Infrastructure, with an annual capital budget in excess of $1 billion. He is the former Director of Network Architecture and Planning at Southern New England Telephone (SNET), and former Director of Access Technologies for Bell Communications Research (now Telcordia). Mr. Koelbl received a B.Sc. (Applied Physics) from the University of New Brunswick and an M.Sc. (Eng) in Nuclear Physics from Queens University.

Morris H. Hadley (COO &CFO) over the last 9 years has been the lead founder of 3 start-ups to include an advanced materials development start-up, Organic Display Technology (based in Chicago) a software security firm, as well as ran his own start-up M&A consulting business (primarily in Silicon Valley) were he was involved with the valuation, purchase and integration of Tech-start-ups from the “Big Company” side. From 1993-97 he was a manager for Daimler-Benz in the Aerospace and Telecommunications fields in Germany ending up in Nortel Germany where he managed a $12 million software development program. Morris has a BA from Columbia University, an MBA from Georgetown with a minor in EDI from the WHU in Koblenz, Germany and was a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger.

Don Avery is VP of Operations bringing nearly thirty years of sustained leadership in high-technology product development, corporate operations and building effective teams. He has a proven record of accomplishment for “getting the job done,” taking numerous products and processes from design concept, through manufacturing to successful deployment. He is the former Vice President of Engineering and Product Development for Ciena Corporation’s Transport Products Division.  Mr. Avery was specifically recruited, due to customer concerns, to strengthen and head Ciena’s next generation transport product development effort.. He has additionally served as corporate CFO and CIO, while managing a technical services team. Prior to entering the private sector, Mr. Avery was a Navy Cryptologist and holds a bachelors degree from Purdue University, as well as a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Navy’s Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA.

Albert Diehl is VP of Global Business Development and has over thirty years of business development, commercial real estate and technology integration experience in both the private and public sector. Mr. Diehl most recently served as Executive Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Telkonet, Inc., the market leader in power line communications (PLC). Prior to joining Telkonet, Al served as Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development at Noment Networks and Regional Operating Officer and National Sales Director at both InterQuest Communications and Darwin Networks. His public service positions included Chief of Staff in the Office of Public and Indian Housing at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as General Manager of the New Community Development Corporation at HUD. Al holds an undergraduate degree the University of Tennessee and graduate degrees in Urban Planning and Business Administration from the University of Tennessee and the University of Northern Colorado, respectively.





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