24 GHz unlicensed
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24 GHz

24 GHz

24 GHz


SnapLink offers multiple layers of security for your critical data:

Millimeter Wave Security
SnapLink model SL-24U is ultra secure because of it’s narrow - focused beam point to point signal at 24 GHz, a frequency that is extremely difficult and costly to find, intercept or jam. The beam width at 24GHz is quite narrow and makes “finding” the beam, that much more difficult. With a 12” antenna its beam width is 2.6° from center at the 3 dB point. In fact, because of the low power requirements of radios operating in the unlicensed 24GHz band (FCC mandated) and the use of Spread Spectrum (military techniques to hide radio signals), the signal cannot be accessed except in its narrow beam. Someone trying to “intercept” the signal would have to literally get directly in the path of the radio with equipment costing 100’s of thousands of dollars to have any hope of intercepting the signal. Based on the inherent security of the millimeter wave bands (24 GHz being in the millimeter bands), DoD and covert operatives use millimeter bands for their secure communication needs.

Interference Free
Signals at the more commonly used frequencies (2-6 GHz) travel for long distances and bounce around causing interference with other systems operating at these frequencies. Signals at millimeter wave frequencies are more focused, do not travel great distances and because there are fewer systems operating in these bands, these radios operate interference free.

Encryption Security
SnapLink™ offers 64/128 bits WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK AES encryption


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